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Some answers for you :)

On 1 July 2011 09:19, Aamir Khan <ak4u2009 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hey Kaiduan,
> Thanks a lot for the reply.
> I have couple of doubts regarding the configuration setup.
> *First, What if i don't have a domain name to setup my ejabberd server as
> of now. What will be the problems that will cause it not to work?*
> I think it may be because when i try to lets say make a connection to "
> jabber.org", IP address or the location of "jabber.org" is known to me but
> how could it send packets to my local machine as it don't have my identity.
> But this doesn't seem to be correct reason as "jabber.org" knows my public
> IP address and it can find my machine ?
You are partly correct, without a domain name, jabber.org will not be able
to lookup where a users JID is supposed to be hosted. For example if your
users are aamir at localhost (jabber.org won't know where to send it and no-one
on jabber.org would know where you are - localhost should effectively mean
their local machine).

Also, to find the server to connect to lookups are done on the domain part
of the JID (for example, the jabber.org of auser at jabber.org), so that you
know where to send to, so the same has to work in the opposite direction

> Second, s2s_in and s2s_out are to be configured on same port ?
> I read about how to enable s2s communication and it seems that both s2s_in
> and s2s_out connections are make on the same port. Is that a error on my
> side or two services can listen on the same port. And in more trafficked
> environment, Should i make s2s_in and s2s_out to listen on different ports
> to have faster processing?
Yes, same port, BUT my previous firewall comment was that you MUST allow
incoming connections to port 5269 as well as allow outgoing connection to
remote servers on port 5269 (think of incoming and outgoing connections as
two distinct ports, even with the same number).

> On Fri, Jul 1, 2011 at 5:18 AM, Kaiduan Xie <kaiduanx at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Kirk is right, you need to allow incoming TCP connection from
>> jabb.org, googletalk. You also need to setup DNS properly. Assume you
>> use xyz.com as domain, you need to setup DNS for jabber.org,google
>> talk to a public IP address, and setup the DNS for internal user to a
>> private IP address, and use the same domain such as xyz.com.
>> /Kaiduan
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