[ejabberd] Estimated release date of ejabberd 3 and vhost limit question.

Samuel Wejéus samuelw at opera.com
Fri Jul 1 18:38:36 MSD 2011

I'm working on a XMPP project in witch I need to handle vhosts 
dynamically. Since this is not possible in ejabberd 2.X my only option 
is going with the latest and greatest version 3 of ejabberd which claims 
to have support for dynamic vhosts (others server brands are excluded 
for reasons not mentioned here).

Question 1: In version 3 of ejabberd how many vhosts is, theoretically, 
ejabberd able to handle? I need to handle around 17 000.. Could this be 
a problem? (asked this on the forums but they seem pretty much dead)

Question 2: Browsing the forums/bugtrac/wikis/mailing-lists i have found 
little or no reports on the estimated time of release for version 3 of 
ejabberd and my question is: is there any estimated release date (I 
don't expect a specific date answer but something like: "maybe around 
the end of august")?

I'm working on a XMPP project as a part of an internship, fulltime, so 
if there is anything I could to help to pull the release date forward 
please let me know.

Kind regards,

Samuel Wejeus

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