[ejabberd] Estimated release date of ejabberd 3 and vhost limit question.

Badlop badlop at gmail.com
Wed Jul 6 19:11:49 MSD 2011

2011/7/1 Samuel Wejéus <samuelw at opera.com>:
> I'm working on a XMPP project in witch I need to handle vhosts dynamically.
> Since this is not possible in ejabberd 2.X my only option is going with the
> latest and greatest version 3 of ejabberd which claims to have support for
> dynamic vhosts (others server brands are excluded for reasons not mentioned
> here).
> Question 1: In version 3 of ejabberd how many vhosts is, theoretically,
> ejabberd able to handle? I need to handle around 17 000.. Could this be a
> problem? (asked this on the forums but they seem pretty much dead)

In the ejabberd.cfg modules section I enabled only mod_register.
Then started ejabberd, and added up to 18000 in small groups of 2000, like his:
$ ejabberdctl debug
[ejabberd_hosts:register("aaa"++integer_to_list(X)) || X <-
lists:seq(4001, 6000)].

It takes a few seconds to setup 2000 hosts, but soon I can register
accounts and login in the new vhosts.

In the end I have:
$ ejabberdctl host_list | wc -l

The mnesia table 'hosts' is 1 MB large, and 'local_config' is 5 MB.

Restarting ejabberd takes 3 minutes, from what I see this is because
mod_register is started once for each vhost. This must be improved in
that and other modules.

So, 18000 vhosts can be added dynamically, the ejabberd core doesn't complain.
The only problem I found is that the modules still need to be improved
to scale correctly.

I didn't continue adding more vhosts because that number fills your requirement.
You can try yourself, and comment your findings.

> Question 2: Browsing the forums/bugtrac/wikis/mailing-lists i have found
> little or no reports on the estimated time of release for version 3 of
> ejabberd and my question is: is there any estimated release date (I don't
> expect a specific date answer but something like: "maybe around the end of
> august")?

No, there isn't a specific time.

> I'm working on a XMPP project as a part of an internship, fulltime, so if
> there is anything I could to help to pull the release date forward please
> let me know.

Test it and report problems. Hopefully other developers fix them.
When the serious problems are fixed, and the new problem reports are less
and less serious, then the release time for a final version gets closer.


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