[ejabberd] Estimated release date of ejabberd 3 and vhost limit question.

Samuel Wejéus samuelw at opera.com
Wed Jul 6 19:24:01 MSD 2011

Hello, thank you for a very torough response. For the testing part, i 
got an entire server park at my disposal so I´ll do my best. Just filed 
a new discovery I made regarding problems with modules.

Thank you for all your work with an excellent piece of software =)

Kind regards,


On 07/06/2011 05:11 PM, Badlop wrote:
> 2011/7/1 Samuel Wejéus<samuelw at opera.com>:
>> I'm working on a XMPP project in witch I need to handle vhosts dynamically.
>> Since this is not possible in ejabberd 2.X my only option is going with the
>> latest and greatest version 3 of ejabberd which claims to have support for
>> dynamic vhosts (others server brands are excluded for reasons not mentioned
>> here).
>> Question 1: In version 3 of ejabberd how many vhosts is, theoretically,
>> ejabberd able to handle? I need to handle around 17 000.. Could this be a
>> problem? (asked this on the forums but they seem pretty much dead)
> In the ejabberd.cfg modules section I enabled only mod_register.
> Then started ejabberd, and added up to 18000 in small groups of 2000, like his:
> $ ejabberdctl debug
> [ejabberd_hosts:register("aaa"++integer_to_list(X)) || X<-
> lists:seq(4001, 6000)].
> ...
> It takes a few seconds to setup 2000 hosts, but soon I can register
> accounts and login in the new vhosts.
> In the end I have:
> $ ejabberdctl host_list | wc -l
> 18002
> The mnesia table 'hosts' is 1 MB large, and 'local_config' is 5 MB.
> Restarting ejabberd takes 3 minutes, from what I see this is because
> mod_register is started once for each vhost. This must be improved in
> that and other modules.
> So, 18000 vhosts can be added dynamically, the ejabberd core doesn't complain.
> The only problem I found is that the modules still need to be improved
> to scale correctly.
> I didn't continue adding more vhosts because that number fills your requirement.
> You can try yourself, and comment your findings.
>> Question 2: Browsing the forums/bugtrac/wikis/mailing-lists i have found
>> little or no reports on the estimated time of release for version 3 of
>> ejabberd and my question is: is there any estimated release date (I don't
>> expect a specific date answer but something like: "maybe around the end of
>> august")?
> No, there isn't a specific time.
>> I'm working on a XMPP project as a part of an internship, fulltime, so if
>> there is anything I could to help to pull the release date forward please
>> let me know.
> Test it and report problems. Hopefully other developers fix them.
> When the serious problems are fixed, and the new problem reports are less
> and less serious, then the release time for a final version gets closer.
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> Badlop
> ProcessOne
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