[ejabberd] Problem setting up ejabberd with pgsql and multi domains

Marcin M gmane at kolekcja.mejor.pl
Fri Jul 15 19:14:09 MSD 2011

I'm starting to use ejabberd(2.1.8) on my host.
 I'd like to use postgresql as database and i'd like to use multiple
domains with independent users. I did in such way:
hosts, ["first.domain","second.domain","third.domain"]}

But when i looked into database all records are without @domain, they
have only username. So user at first.domain is the same user as the user
user at second.domain. And roster,pass are the same for user
"user at second.domain" and "user at thirddomain" etc.
What could i configure wrong?

Thanks for any advices.

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