[ejabberd] Problem setting up ejabberd with pgsql and multi domains

Marcin M gmane at kolekcja.mejor.pl
Sun Jul 17 17:39:20 MSD 2011

W dniu 15.07.2011 18:20, Konstantin Khomoutov pisze:
> I've never had any experience with setting up ejabberd with a
> non-internal DB backend myself, but [1] hints at that you have to use a
> separate database for each of your vhosts, possibly using the per-host
> configuration snippets via the host_config statements (see [2]).
> Please again note that I'm plainly guessing here to possibly compensate
> for a case when no one having the required experience will speak up.

Thanks Konstantin for links. It seems ejabberd uses only "username"
instead "jid" as main key while uses odbc as datasource. Regarding [2]
it's a little overhead creating one database per domain. I'll choose
mnesia now and i'll check what new brings ejabberd-3.x. I saw there are
changes in way ejabberd uses non internal database.
Thank you for help,

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