[ejabberd] advice on proxy registration

Keith Irwin keith.irwin at gmail.com
Mon Jul 25 23:10:43 MSD 2011


I have this use case I'm exploring:

A remote device contacts my web application, asking it to register an account on its behalf. This device will later use the credentials it provides to establish an XMPP connection. (The logistics of all this are neither here nor there as far as this question is concerned.)

First attempt:

My web app starts up a client to ejabberd, logs in as a specific user (which I plan to add to the mod_register access list), then attempts to register the new user. This fails with a forbidden (403).

Second attempt:

My web app "connects" to ejabberd, but does NOT log in as any specific client. I can then register new accounts via this connection just fine (because I've set the register access list to "all"). However, it appears that ejabberd terminates the connection after a while. (If so, this makes sense.)


What's the recommended way to enable one XMPP account to register other accounts?

Surely I shouldn't invoke a brand new ejabberd connection for each account creation request, should I? This is doable. I don't expect to be creating accounts all day long forever. But it feels like I'm missing something interesting.

Any advice?



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