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Fanbin Kong kfbuniversity at gmail.com
Sun Jul 31 17:53:16 MSD 2011

Hi, everyone, I posted this message serveral days ago, but nobody answers
me,  so I modified the source code myself, and ejabberd can work now, here
are my modifications:

diff --git a/src/mod_pubsub/mod_pubsub.erl b/src/mod_pubsub/mod_pubsub.erl
index fc50a1c..c2432c6 100644
--- a/src/mod_pubsub/mod_pubsub.erl
+++ b/src/mod_pubsub/mod_pubsub.erl
@@ -2639,9 +2639,9 @@ purge_node(Host, Node, Owner) ->
 get_items(Host, Node, From, SubId, SMaxItems, ItemIds) ->
     MaxItems =
-           SMaxItems == "" -> get_max_items_node(Host);
+           SMaxItems == <<"">> -> get_max_items_node(Host);
            true ->
-               case catch list_to_integer(SMaxItems) of
+               case catch list_to_integer(binary_to_list(SMaxItems)) of
                    {'EXIT', _} -> {error, 'bad-request'};
                    Val -> Val
@@ -2957,12 +2957,13 @@ get_options(Host, Node, JID, SubId, Lang) ->

 get_options_helper(JID, Lang, Node, Nidx, SubId, Type) ->
-    Subscriber = try exmpp_jid:parse(JID) of
+    {U, S, R} = try exmpp_jid:parse(JID) of
                     J -> jlib:short_jid(J)
                     _ ->
                         exmpp_jid:make("", "", "") %% TODO, check if use
<<>> instead of ""
+    Subscriber = #jid{node = U, domain = S, resource = R},
     {result, Subs} = node_call(Type, get_subscriptions,
                               [Nidx, Subscriber]),
     SubIds = lists:foldl(fun({subscribed, SID}, Acc) ->

After that, I tried some other features in pubsub module, and now, I find
another bug, here it is:
User m9 at localhost is trying to subscribe to a node owned by test at localhost,
and m9 is in test's roster group "stranger". The acces model of the node is
"roster", and the allowed roster groups contain group "stranger", but the
server finally gives the error "not-in-roster-group".

After tracking this problem, I find the bug is in function

get_roster_info(OwnerUser, OwnerServer, {SubscriberUser, SubscriberServer,
_}, AllowedGroups) ->
    {Subscription, Groups} =
  roster_get_jid_info, OwnerServer,
  {none, []},
  [OwnerUser, OwnerServer, exmpp_jid:make({SubscriberUser, SubscriberServer,
    PresenceSubscription = (Subscription == both) orelse (Subscription ==
orelse ({OwnerUser, OwnerServer} == {SubscriberUser, SubscriberServer}),
    RosterGroup = lists:any(fun(Group) ->
    lists:member(Group, AllowedGroups)
    end, Groups),
    {PresenceSubscription, RosterGroup};

When calling lists:member(Group, AllowedGroups), the context is like this:
< AllowedGroups = ["stranger","friend","family"]
< Owners = [{<<"test">>,<<"localhost">>,undefined}]
< Groups = [<<"stranger">>]
< AllowedGroups = ["stranger","friend","family"]

We can see the type of Group doesn't math the type of elements in list
AllowedGroups, so the return value will always be false. The bug is obvious,
and my concern is from when and from where, those bugs are brought in, and
there may be other bugs similar to this, I really hope you guys can fix them
or give me a reply. please, any comments or suggestions are greatly

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From: Fanbin Kong <kfbuniversity at gmail.com>
Date: 2011/7/22
Subject: Pubsub bugs?
To: ejabberd at jabber.ru

Hi, I found several bugs in module pubsub. I posted a topic in the forum,
but got no reply,  so I hope you guys can give me some informations.
In the function get_items/6 in mod_pubsub.erl:
get_items(Host, Node, From, SubId, SMaxItems, ItemIds) ->
    MaxItems =
            SMaxItems == "" -> get_max_items_node(Host);
           true ->
                case catch list_to_integer(SMaxItems) of
                    {'EXIT', _} -> {error, 'bad-request'};
                    Val -> Val

I find no matter SMaxItems has a value or not, it's binary type, the match
clause: SMaxItem == "" will always be false, and the call to
list_to_integer(SMaxItems) obviously will return {'EXIT', badarg} and
finally ejabberd will return a bad-request error to client.

I tried to get node subscription options from pubsub service in ejabberd,
but I got this error:

=ERROR REPORT==== 19-Jul-2011::12:45:29 ===
E(<0.567.0>:mod_pubsub:4386) : transaction return internal error: {'EXIT',









I think this error is because node_flat:get_subscriptions/2 requirs record
jid argument, but the call just give it a
{<<"test">>,<<"localhost">>,undefined} tuple.

If someone can confirm these bugs, I'll be appreciated. I'm using
3.0.0-alpha-3 which is cloned from the master branch in git .

Best regards,
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