[ejabberd] Logging msgs!

Alexander Tsvyashchenko lists at ndl.kiev.ua
Fri Mar 4 23:27:58 MSK 2011

Hello Daniel,

On 4 бер. 2011, at 02:09, Daniel Dormont wrote:

> I just installed mod_archive_odbc and it seems to work pretty well on my ejabberd 2.1.6 installation. If I'm not mistaken it does not actually depend on ODBC per se but rather uses ejabberd's ODBC extension which can wrap the native Erlang MySQL connectivity (this is what I use).

That's correct, moreover - I do not recommend using Erlang ODBC interface in new installations at all with mod_archive_odbc due to multiple problems in that interface.

> The only problem I haven't solved yet is how to use it in a cluster; the naive approach (just enable it on every node) will produce duplicate archives from what I can see.

Yes, mod_archive_odbc was not designed / implemented with clustering in mind. Specifying single database server for all clustered ejabberd instances theoretically should work, but is not likely a good idea as database server will quickly become a bottleneck.

Good luck!                                     Alexander

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