[ejabberd] privacy lists in 2.1.6

Badlop badlop at gmail.com
Fri Mar 25 19:02:49 MSK 2011

2011/3/25 Yann Leboulanger <asterix at lagaule.org>:
> I'm facing a problem with privacy lists in ejabberd 2.1.6.
> In ejabberd 2.1.5, it was replying to disco#info.

This is the relevant change:
commit 84d4a1619b7625e00788e550bd8e86f872577fc3
Author:     Badlop <badlop at process-one.net>
AuthorDate: Sat Oct 16 20:31:44 2010 +0200

     Check privacy of incoming IQ stanzas (EJAB-1320)

> If I setup a rule that deny all that have subscription=none to send me iq,
> that also prevents ejabberd to reply to my disco#info request for example.
> And that's not conform with RFC that says that all <iq> MUST have a reply.

But the same RFC says in
http://xmpp.org/rfcs/rfc3921.html#rfc.section.10.2 that:
> Privacy lists MUST be the first delivery rule applied by a server, superseding ...

> So I don't think ejabberd should block it's own iq stanza,
> but even if you
> think the oposite, it should reply with a iq error instead of not replying
> at all.
> What do you think about that?


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