[ejabberd] Ejbabberd *not* returning xmpp version on <stream:stream/> from time to time - Starttls

Franky Orson franky.orson at gmail.com
Mon May 2 23:09:22 MSD 2011

Thank you Badlop and Yes I'm going to try and reproduce the problem
(assuming I can) with a smaller test case.

It is very likely that this might not be an Ejabberd issue - The way I
workaround the issue right now is by delaying reconnection by a bit and in
this case the issue doesn't manifest - am wondering if this could be a race
condition in my client (where I had forced disconnections in my tests to
happen at various times) and trying to reconnect too fast maybe - would this
pattern explain this answer back from Ejabberd in that case? I'll dig more
and let you know in anycase. Thanks again.

On Mon, May 2, 2011 at 10:00 AM, Badlop <badlop at gmail.com> wrote:

> 2011/5/2 Franky Orson <franky.orson at gmail.com>:
> > Running Ejabberd 2.1.3 - I connect fine with my own client using SASL
> most
> > of the time but then as I'm testing disconnection and re-connection, I'm
> > finding that Ejabberd is not setting the version when replying to my
> > <stream:stream> request - see below - 1st paragraph is when it is working
> >  this is mostly happening after a reconnection with
> > the server but it is working 2 times out of the 3 - weird!
> Looking at the ejabberd 2.1.3 source code, the lack of version in the
> response can only happen when the request had unexpected xmlns:stream,
> hostname, or version. So, if your client sends exactly the same
> request, ejabberd should produce exactly the same response. But
> according to your tests, ejabberd doesn't.
> And apparently this happens only when the client reconnects, and only
> sometimes, and only with a custom client that only you have.
> To continue investigating, you either:
> A) explain how to reproduce the problem
> B) or join the ejabberd chatroom, and when we meet, we'll do live
> debugging. You'll need to make small changes to ejabberd source code,
> compile, provoke the problem, tell me the result. And repeat until we
> find some clue about what's wrong in ejabberd, or in your client.
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