[ejabberd] messages to wrong ressources

Badlop badlop at gmail.com
Tue May 3 00:14:47 MSD 2011

2011/5/2 Stephan Maihöfer <sma at turtle-entertainment.de>:
> hi,

Sorry, but I was unable to understand the remaining of your email.

You have:
1. Described what you saw, in the order in which your memories come to
your keyboard.

I recommend you to now:
2. Try to reduce to a minimal set of steps to reproduce.
3. Then check how frequently it happens (everytime, sometimes)

And include in your email the results:
* Software used and their configuration (if it deviates from the default)
* The steps required to reproduce the problem: 1. Account X joins room
Y with nick Z. 2...
* If the problem appears 100% of the times you follow the steps.

> we are still trying to figure out why we get these duplicate messages:
> <message xmlns='jabber:client' from='22515077 at muc.example.com/steam' to='1762237 at example.com/web_2143633635130417940746693' type='groupchat'><body>doppelt</body></message>
> <message xmlns='jabber:client' from='22515077 at muc.example.com/steam' to='1762237 at example.com/api_push' type='groupchat'><body>doppelt</body></message>
> we get both of these in the client connected as something else entirely (say, /other_client).
> we wrote this message the message was written on /web_2143633635130417940746693.
> /api_push is nothing but a temporary resource that we use in connection with mod_rest
> to update presence information of our user. i "admit" that we do not properly leave
> the room after sending presence there, but no client should get messages that are
> not adressed to another resource, right?
> these message appear only on the clients that are connected with the same _bare_
> jid as the same writing clients, other clients get the message only once as it should be.
> i can not find any obvious error in the ejabberd 2.1.3 we are using, so i am
> asking the list if anyone has seen things like this happen?
> greetings,
> stephan
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