[ejabberd] postgresql ssl connection

zhong ming wu mr.z.m.wu at gmail.com
Mon May 9 06:25:37 MSD 2011


I have managed to make ejabberd to use postgresql.

As a first experimental step I used postgres database on the same
machine as ejabberd.

The next step is to use a postgresql database hosted on another
machine.  But I want to use ssl connection.  Ideally I would like to
make ejabberd to use client certificate.  But I could not even make it
connect to the postgresql database using password authentication.

Here is ejaberd.log
I(<0.305.0>:ejabberd_odbc:216) : pgsql connection failed:
** Reason: {authentication,[{severity,'FATAL'},
                            {message,"no pg_hba.conf entry for host
\"\", user \"xmpp\", database \"xmpp\", SSL off"},


If I do not enforce that client connects via ssl, then I don't get
this error.  Which leads me to guess that erlang pgsql library can't
use ssl.

Can someone tell me how I can make ejabberd use ssl to connect to
postgres server?



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