[ejabberd] Help me diagnose this error when registering over xmlrpc

Badlop badlop at gmail.com
Thu May 19 14:00:44 MSD 2011

2011/5/19 Eric Chamberlain <eric at ringfree.com>:
> =ERROR REPORT==== 2011-05-18 19:54:59 ===
> {xmlrpc_http,153,
>    {ejabberd_xmlrpc,handler,
>        {'EXIT',
>            {badarg,
>                [{erlang,port_control,
>                     [stringprep_port,2,
>                      [65166,65248,65192,65169,65197,65166,65256,65267]]},

Now you get the same error, with a different list of integers.
This means you face the same problem, but this time provided the
username in a different encoding, right?

> We are running python 2.6.5.

$ python --version
Python 2.6.6

> When I run your script (our port and host) I still get the 500 error for non-ascii users.  Why would the script work on your setup and not mine?

Maybe you are not running exactly my script:
check that the username is written using UTF-8 in your local file.

I use this dirty way to check the encoding:
$ mv register.py register.py.txt
$ firefox register.py.txt
Then I go in the browser menus, and I select Character Encoding: Unicode (UTF-8)
And the username is displayed correctly, so I know the python script
contains it in the correct encoding.


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