[ejabberd] Exmpp bot with gen_server connect_TCP problem

Alexander Kuleshov kuleshovmail at gmail.com
Wed Nov 2 15:34:37 MSK 2011

2011/11/2 CGS <cgsmcmlxxv at gmail.com>
>  An Ejabberd module is a part of the server-side XMPP. EXMPP is the
> client-side XMPP. What you are trying is to embed client-side into
> server-side which is meaningless because you try to connect to the server
> from within. For handling the packets, use the server handlers. For
> sending/receiving packets to/for an user, use client-side XMPP.
> Now, depending what you need, there are some options from which I can
> guess few which may help you:
> 1. Server-application communication: see external services, for example.
> 2. User packet redirection: see Ejabberd handlers.
> 3. Server-server communication: see s2s module, for example.
> But, since I have no knowledge about what you need, there may be other
> options which fit better your project.
> Cheers,
Hello, thank you for reply.

I have ejabberd module which will start with ejabberd, and i need to run
xmpp bot from this module. If i run it wihtout gen_server, only
spawn/loop/receive it's ok, but when i try to run my bot with gen_server i
got this crash reports.

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