[ejabberd] ejabberd events etc

Stefan Bogner sbogner at gmail.com
Sat Oct 8 22:19:39 MSD 2011


please forgive me if this is a dumb question, but erlang drives me nuts and I 
currently don't really have the time to dive into another programming 

So I understand ejabberd has events which can be hooked into using erlang 
scripts/modules. What I am trying to achieve is simply run a shell (bash) 
command for the following events: 

  - User in roster goes online
  - User in roster goes offline
  - User in roster changes status (ie Online to Busy)
  - New message for account xyz

My hope is that there is an existing ejabberd module that I can use for that, 
yet I was unable to find one :-( 

Any hints would be appreciated. If there's no such thing I'd also appreciate 
hints/pointers to ejabberd modules that might achieve this with just a few 
changes to the code (I guess I might be able to do that using c'n'p without 
really having to learn erlang :-) 

Thanks in advance!


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