[ejabberd] pyicq-t and other external transports

Peter Vereshagin peter at vereshagin.org
Sat Oct 15 13:51:38 MSD 2011


I upgraded recently from 2.0.5 to 2.1.8.  I see that no services can register
in the discovery. I used 2 of them: pyicq and pymsn.

The 'live' start shows that "External service connected" but nothing like
"Route is registered".  No any configuration changes were made.

I tried to downgrade the pyicq service to the previous version without luck.

Can I have any short path to look at what's going on about registering a
transport inside ejabberd? (other than sniffer). 

I tried to downgrade back to 2.0.5 with an empty 'mnesia' database. It's all
the same.

On termination the transport daemon, ejabberd looks ok:

    ejabberd_service:368) : terminated: normal

Thank you.

Peter Vereshagin <peter at vereshagin.org> (http://vereshagin.org) pgp: A0E26627 

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