[ejabberd] mod_http_fileserver prompts browser for client certificate

Jesse Thompson jesse.thompson at doit.wisc.edu
Tue Oct 18 01:10:23 MSD 2011

Ah, I knew that I'd find my answer as soon as I asked the list.



On 10/17/11 4:05 PM, Jesse Thompson wrote:
> It seems that mod_http_fileserver is prompting browsers for client
> certificates. I assume that it's always done this since I haven't
> changed this server in years. But now it seems that some browsers are
> being pickier and not allowing users to continue.
> I have it configured as follows:
> {443, ejabberd_http, [
> {ip, {x.x.x.x}},
> tls,
> {certfile, "/x/x/x"},
> {request_handlers, [
> {["web"], mod_http_fileserver}
> ]},
> http_poll,
> http_bind,
> web_admin
> ]}
> Ejabberd 2.0.5 (maybe this is fixed in a more recent version of Ejabberd?)
> This seems to be the same problem as described here:
> http://www.ejabberd.im/node/3802#comment-55059
> Any ideas how to configure ejabberd and mod_http_fileserver to not
> prompt for a client certificate? Otherwise, I'm going to install Apache
> and set it up to serve the files and proxy the http-bind connections.
> Jesse

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