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Ben Bradley batfastad at gmail.com
Wed Oct 19 21:20:53 MSD 2011

Hi everyone

I've been experimenting with openfire over the past few months but I'm
considering switching to ejabberd as it seems to offer much greater
flexibility. It looks like ejabberd can be used to authenticate users
against our OpenLDAP server (Zimbra) so that's great, meaning users only
need a single set of credentials.

I'm almost certain the following points are all possible.
But how much difficulty is involved in achieving these and where should I
start for each?

1) With our users authenticated by LDAP, I would also like to create a
"roster" of all users that is shared amongst all users. But I don't want
this roster to be based on any LDAP groups. We're a small organisation and
I'd prefer to manage this manually.

2) Is it possible to add other users as well as those authenticated by LDAP
so we run a sort of mixed mode. So some users with a matching jid pattern(s)
are passed to the LDAP server and others use an alternate auth mechanism
(mysql back-end)?

3) Create a web service to output the presence status of all users on the
system. I'd like to display the presence of XMPP users on our intranet (and
possibly store historic presence changes in a DB). What's the best way of
doing this? Some sort of global roster?
Or a fake user that receives additional presence notifications from all
other users and records this info?

4) Log XMPP chat messages sent through the server to a database. This would
be useful to give the user an interface on our intranet to view/search their
chat logs so they don't have to rely on the XMPP client's logging. I had a
look at bandersnatch but it looks like that project's no longer in
development. Are there any alternatives that are recommended for use with
the current version of ejabberd?

Thanks in advance.

Cheers, B
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