[ejabberd] single roster of all ldap users... mod_shared_roster_ldap?

Ben Bradley batfastad at gmail.com
Thu Apr 12 03:32:36 MSK 2012

Hi everyone

I have a small installation of 20 users that authenticate through LDAP and
I would like to automatically populate a roster of all the other LDAP users.
I could just use mod_shared_roster in the ejabberd web interface and keep
that updated manually but I'd prefer to have it done automatically from our
LDAP directory.
I've been looking at mod_shared_roster_ldap to do this.

>From looking through the docs for mod_shared_roster_ldap it seems that you
need to have groups defined in your LDAP schema to act as the different
Is that correct?

Is there a way to have a roster from an LDAP directory which is purely the
results of a single LDAP filter?

Cheers, B
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