[ejabberd] display name in ldap shared roster

christian.schreiber at imessage.de christian.schreiber at imessage.de
Tue Aug 7 15:45:27 MSK 2012


On 07.08.2012 13:20, sergio wrote:
> I've not wrote, but I've tried ldap_userdesc before the first letter.
> I have {ldap_userdesc,"cn"} and cn is "FistName LastName" in my case.
> But I still see nic in the roster.

I was running 2.1.10 with mod_shared_roster_ldap. Unfortunately it 
performed really bad. (2000 Users in 60 Groups)
So now I'm running mod_shared_roster_odbc (2.1.11) and run an importer 
nighly. I know, it's not best practice. But it works fine for me.
In with odbc I set the pretty Username whith "lusername" in table 

> May be ejabberd 2.1.5-3 doesn't support this?

I don't know what 2.1.5 supports and what it doesnt.


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