[ejabberd] display name in ldap shared roster

Gavin Henry ghenry at surevoip.co.uk
Thu Aug 9 11:12:05 MSK 2012

> Hi Gavin,
> my Directory is openldap. For the shared roster only the Useres Subtree is involved. We have also a Groups Subtree but I can't use this data. So the "o" leaf of each user is the name of shared roster group. Maybe that's the reason for my performance issues. But as I sad, I switched to mod_shared_roster_odbc and have a daily import running.

Hi Christian,

Yeah, that sounds right. I'm part of the OpenLDAP project
(ghenry at OpenLDAP.org) and what I would advise, which saves you
importing, is slapo-dynlist.

You create a dynamic group based on the o attribute and then use that.
slapd will do all the hard work for you and reduce the searches. 2000
users is nothing. Some of our
(http://www.suretecsystems.com/services/openldap) support customers
(banks, telcos etc.) have millions of entries and performance is

My test ejabberd setup has 100 different o's spread through 1000 users
with the biggest roster having 500 members and it's instant. The thing
that slowed it down was vcard via LDAP, but that's an ejabberd search
and cache issue


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