[ejabberd] how to implement a xmpp service that looks as a member on the user's friend list (via xmpp client spark)

zhi sun sunzhimailbox at gmail.com
Tue Aug 28 12:55:20 MSK 2012

I am new to ejabberd and xmpp.

I have created a xmpp bot mod based on my local ejabberd server, refer to
the article:

but i am confused how to test the echo bot from the xmpp client? i know the
echo located at echo.<mydomain>, i have test psi, spark and pidgin.

another question related:

i have created another xmpp bot based on the echo_component example shipped
with exmpp. but the bot exposed as a xmpp service, for which only the xmpp
client support service discovery can use (might i misunderstand there,
please correct me if possible)

In fact, i want to implement a xmpp service, and make it easy to find for
the xmpp client, just like add a new user to the roster. I know it can be
done by using the exmpp client api, but it has problem with scalebility.

For the service discovery, i don't think it is easy way to let the user to
reach, for example, the spark has not this function.

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