[ejabberd] Concurrent BOSH connection issue

paul tinson paul.tinson at gmail.com
Wed Dec 5 04:38:36 MSK 2012

Hi There,

I am using ejabberd 2.1.11 with BOSH.
The client is a custom asmack one.

Currently i sometimes get what looks like a stuck connection.
If i use ejabberdctl connected_users it shows two users online with
the same JID and resource.
If i disconnect the client one connection is still reported, if i user
kick_session for the stuck session it doesnt clear.

I first thought this was just a bug in connected_users, however when
both sessions are up messages from or to this user are lost.

So far i havent seen any errors that relate to it in the ejabberd log,
even with debug on.

At the moment the only way i can fully clear these sessions is to
restart ejabberd, and i am sure that is far to brutal.

Has anyone seen this behaviour before?
Are there any other was to clear a session?

Hope to hear back.


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