[ejabberd] Sending subscription request to gmail jid from external component

Vineet Naik naikvin at gmail.com
Tue Dec 11 14:50:08 MSK 2012


I am trying to get an xmpp component to communicate between
a user registered on the same ejabberd server on one end and a gmail
jid on the other end. For this I need to send a subscription request to
the gmail jid. This is however not working.

Here is the component configuration in the ejabberd config file

{8888, ejabberd_service, [
      {access, all},
      {shaper_rule, fast},
      {hosts, ["component.mydomain.com"],
       [{password, "mysecret"}]

In the ejabberd log file, I can see lines such as these:

I(<0.28250.1>:ejabberd_s2s_out:1203) : Trying to open s2s connection:
component.mydomain.com -> gmail.com with TLS=true
I(<0.28250.1>:ejabberd_s2s_out:379) : Closing s2s connection:
component.mydomain.com -> gmail.com (invalid dialback key)

I guess it has something to do with `ejabberd_s2s_out`, but I couldn't find
any docs
about configuring this in ejabberd.cfg

I have following config (default one) for listener `ejabberd_s2s_in` though

{5269, ejabberd_s2s_in, [
   {shaper, s2s_shaper},
   {max_stanza_size, 131072}

Where can I find more info about configuring ejabberd_s2s_out?

What else do I need to configure so that I can send presence subscription
request to gmail users? Do I need to add SRV records too as
the component domain `component.mydomain.com` is different
from xmpp server domain `mydomain.com`.

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