[ejabberd] howto setup jingle node service for ejabberd

Buddy Butterfly buddy.butterfly at web.de
Mon Dec 17 18:43:02 MSK 2012

Hi there,

I am having troubles setting up a Jingle Nodes and Jingle Node Relay.
Code used from: http://jinglenodes.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/

OS: Debian Squeeze
Ejabberd: 2.1.5
Client: Jitsi 1.0

Compiled and installed exmpp, ejabberd_mod_jinglenodes

I am confused what to use. jnsapi_erlang or ejabberd_mod_jinglenodes.
Does the module provide a full Jingle Node Service on its own?
Or does it have to be used together with the service described in

I configured the module like:


  {host, "jinglenodes. at HOST@"},
  {public_ip, "pub.ip.ad.dr"},
  {purge_period, 5000},
  {relay_timeout, 60000}

Ejabberd does not respond requests like:

    from="user at virthost/jitsi-2b2itl9"
    <services xmlns='http://jabber.org/protocol/jinglenodes'></services>

So my question is how to properly set this up?
Also, what ports do I have to open in the firewall for the Jingle Nodes
Relay to work?

Best regards,

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