[ejabberd] ejabberd passing ENV variables from client to server

zhong ming wu mr.z.m.wu at gmail.com
Wed Feb 1 14:01:35 MSK 2012


My test client is Mac OS and the userid on this maiche is being to
passed to the ejabberd server (running on a different machine)

In the ejabberd.log, ejabberd seems to be using jid that it makes up
from this Mac OS userid.

Plus, my extauth script on ejabberd server is receiving strange ENV
variables.  At first it apparently receives $USER as mac OS client
userid.  Next it also seems to be switched to $USER made up from JID
currently connected.

I just don't see how these the correct thing to do.  Is there an RFC
somewhere that these are the right thing to do?  I am very curious
about these.

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