[ejabberd] Where are all the table data at?

Niels van Hecke niels.van.hecke at gmail.com
Sat Feb 4 10:51:58 MSK 2012

I have been working on making a special message filter/logger module for 
the company that I work for. We have a mysql database with user info 
that I pull info from and shove into a mnesia table. On our development 
server everything worked. I put the data in and the data comes out when 
I need it. When I moved to our production server, however, I found that 
mnesia:read was returning an empty list despite having good keys. I put 
trace statements in the data entry location and just after the table is 
filled and my data is there. But when I call it when I need it, the data 
is no longer in the table, but the table is still there. No errors 
(other than mnesia:read returning an empty list) show up in either the 
ejabberd log, erlang log or the sasl log. What could be going wrong? The 
only place I clear the table is directly after I create it which is 
before I fill it. Is there something I am missing?

Niels van Hecke

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