[ejabberd] LDAP + Shared Roster (2.1.8)

Andy Theuninck gohanman at gmail.com
Thu Feb 9 21:31:16 MSK 2012

I'm trying to move ejabberd from one server to another. Both are
running version 2.1.8. I'm using ldap for auth_method and
mod_vcard_ldap on both (in fact, both servers are using identical

I logged into the web admin interface on the new server and created a
shared roster group w/ members "@all@". When I log into the new
server, I get the roster group but it contains zero users.

I have to be overlooking some obvious step, but I can't figure out
what; google shows me the 1.0.0 shared roster doc from back when
shared rosters and LDAP didn't work. I know it can work, because it
does on the old server, but I can't figure out what is different in
the new setup.

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