[ejabberd] This is about exp-0027 and exp-0060 question

郎咸武 langxianzhe at 163.com
Sat Feb 11 13:10:19 MSK 2012

Hi boys and girls
I have finished publish and subscribe function on pubsub(0060) with exmpp . Although It have not comment function.
There is comment function in the microblog( exp-0027) .
I want to  only use comment of microblog
(   only using
        3.1. Post Comments
     not using     
    2.3. Publishing a Post
    2.4. Receiving a Post
    2.5. Replying to a Post
    2.6. Repeating a Post

    2.7. Attaching files to a Post), 
but i am not sure what it is work .
Please give some advice to me.
Thank everybody.
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