[ejabberd] Connect to Gtalk

Kythyria Torsfarenris kythyria at berigora.net
Wed Feb 15 07:45:18 MSK 2012

On 15/02/12 03:04, James Iakovos Mandelis wrote:
> Hi,
> I need to connect ejabberd to Gtalk.
> How do I change the ejabberd.cfg file and how do I test the connection?
> Thanks

Google Talk supports regular server-to-server federation; if you have 
that turned on, you'll be able to exchange messages just fine (barring 
what appears to be a policy about dropping incoming messages that aren't 
roster adds unless the source is in the destination's roster).

As for testing, any mail account @gmail.com or @googlemail.com is 
automatically a Gtalk account, so if you have one you can log in with 
your favourite XMPP client. Or ask a friend who uses GTalk to help.

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