[ejabberd] Auto-join conference

Swen Lux root at fserver.org
Thu Feb 23 01:05:13 MSK 2012

First of all, i want to say Hi to you all. Great work!

I have a short question. I'm using ejabberd in a private project and 
also as company jabber server and all works very well. I just didn't 
found the answer to the following problem.

As i'm saying, we're using ejabberd as company's jabber solution. We're 
having default groups for all departements with an all user roster sharing.

What i want to try to open up an conference room for all company 
members. They have to join automatically at jabber login. Is it possible 
to include this in the roster sharing and that all members join an 
conference room automatically without joining it by themself for the 
first time?

All the best,


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