[ejabberd] Auto-join conference

Tobias Mueller 4tmuelle at informatik.uni-hamburg.de
Thu Feb 23 04:29:33 MSK 2012

Heya :)

On 22.02.2012 22:05, Swen Lux wrote:
> What i want to try to open up an conference room for all company
> members. They have to join automatically at jabber login.
We're doing something similar. On user registration, we create the user
with bookmarks set. Our Python code using XML RPC looks smth like this:

    def set_muc_autojoin(self, user, host,
muc_room='room at conference.example.com', nick=None):
        if nick is None:
            nick = user

        bookmark  = '''<storage xmlns='storage:bookmarks'>
                          <conference minimize='0' jid='%(muc_room)s'
autojoin='1' name='room'>
        bookmark %= {'muc_room': muc_room, 'nick': nick}
        return self.proxy.private_set(self.login, {
            'user': user,
            'host': host,
            'element': bookmark,

It's worth noting that Pidgin still doesn't manage to honour these


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