[ejabberd] Issues with MSSQL

viq vicviq at gmail.com
Wed Feb 29 18:24:31 MSK 2012

Maybe someone can provide me with a kick in the right direction. I
finally managed to get ejabberd (2.1.9 on FreeBSD 8.2 amd64, erlang
R14B04) to talk with MSSQL (2005, using unixODBC 2.3.1 and FreeTDS
0.91). First I set up clustering, then worked on getting the setup
working with MSSQL. 'ejabberdctl register user domain password' works,
data appears in database, both servers can authenticate using the
data. But it seems that the table with users is the only one that gets
written to - I have one user connected to one of the two clustered
servers, another to the other server, and they can talk to each other,
but they cannot add each other to their respective rosters. Logs even
cranked to loglevel=5 didn't return anything useful, besides some XML
with 'internal server error'. Client tested is Psi+. Any hints what I
am doing wrong?

$ grep _odbc ejabberd.cfg | grep -v ^%
  {mod_last_odbc,     []},
  {mod_offline_odbc,  [{access_max_user_messages, max_user_offline_messages}]},
  {mod_private_odbc,  []},
  {mod_roster_odbc,   []},
  {mod_vcard_odbc,    []},


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