[ejabberd] ejabberd setup and config

Badlop badlop at gmail.com
Tue Jan 3 19:16:04 MSK 2012

2011/12/22 دموع القمر <moon.tearz.sy at gmail.com>:
> Hi , i'm new in eJabberd
> i need to setup some things
> disable registration with none English letters .

Ah, this is easy: add this to ejabberd.cfg
{acl, blocked, {user_regexp, "[a-z]"}}.

> disable mucs creation with none English letters .

ejabberd doesn't provide any option to restrict the room names.

> allow or disable accessing server form specified IP ranges.

This can't be configured in ejabberd.
You can configure this in a firewall.

> how config shared roster using AD-Hoc ?????

Feature not implemented. Requested in


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