[ejabberd] Ejabberd hardware requirements for very high load

Michael Weibel michael.weibel+xmpp at gmail.com
Sat Jan 14 12:53:11 MSK 2012

Hi David,

> But I think using a big fat machine alone (i.e. scaling UP) won't achieve
> that, they might have some special resource optimization software?

Maybe they also stripped ejabberd down to only the features they need, who

What I want to achieve in my project is like having 10+ (cheap) machines to
> handle large scale traffic.
> It will be great if configuring ejabberd (clustering) alone is enough to
> achieve this, without using some kind of rocket-science tools.

Yeah, that'd be great. I'm also going in this direction I think.

I came across Lobo loco's article before, I'll try on that some time later
> (I thought the clustering was easy... anyway), thx man!

;-) I thought that too but it didn't work with the documentation from
If you're not get it working, don't hesitate to ask, I somehow managed to
make it work ;) I think important is that you change on the first node the
mnesia table "schema" also to disk_copy.. Without that it didn't work for

- Michael
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