[ejabberd] Ejabberd hardware requirements for very high load

Michael Weibel michael.weibel+xmpp at gmail.com
Tue Jan 17 14:14:14 MSK 2012

Hi Max,

2012/1/14 Max Bourinov <bourinov at gmail.com>

> We load it with our own custom load-test suit that does some actions
> according our business logic, but for you tsung (
> http://tsung.erlang-projects.org/) will work I hope.

Thanks, I'll take a look on this.

How did you setup load-balancing?
My setup will be like this:
- Multiple ejabberd clusters connected to each other with s2s
- Clients connect via BOSH or directly via Socket to one of those clusters
- All ejabberd nodes are behind a firewall of course

I'm not really a server admin, rather a developer. But I think we need to
add a Proxy with Loadbalancing support in our DMZ and this proxy balances
the load to a node in the specific cluster, is that correct?

The problem with this setup is: Now the proxy will be the bottleneck. For
BOSH I think it's not that of a problem because the ajax long polling
connection reconnects after every message exchange.
But for the clients which have the stream constantly open, the proxy needs
to have the connection always open until the client disconnects.
With a lot of clients this will lead to problems.

Any idea on how to resolve these problems?

- Michael
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