[ejabberd] Client? generating unknown traffic

Holger Mickler holger.mickler at tu-dresden.de
Mon Jan 23 13:42:31 MSK 2012

Hi all,

I got a strange problem here.
We have a single ejabberd server, v2.1.10, running on SLES11 SP1 x86, with
erlang R13B04-3.1 and openssl 0.9.8j-0.26.1

The users are authenticated against LDAP and we use mod_shared_roster_ldap with
a single group (still in testing phase). This works very well so far! :-)

Now I got a user with empathy-chat on openSuSE 12.1 64-bit where the
client generates ~60kB/s traffic some minutes after login. The data is encrypted
so I cannot see in the TCP dump what it is talking about with the server.
For a test the client disabled SSL, but we did not see this behavior (we did not
look into it too long, but it did not happen in half an hour).

I also tried setting the log level to debug in ejabberd but the server is
overwhelmed by the amount of logging.

Is it possible to enable debug logging for a single client (e.g. by IP address
or login name)?
Or is there another way to look into this issue?

  Holger Mickler

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