[ejabberd] Problems connecting external users to an ejabberd MUC

Chris Nehren c.nehren/ejabberd at shadowcat.co.uk
Mon Jul 23 22:29:20 MSK 2012

On Mon, Jul 16, 2012 at 20:07:59 -0300 , Pablo Polvorin wrote:
> Hi,
> your problem might be in the address to where your client is trying to
> send the groupchat message:  "chatchat at my.jabber.server".
> Is that JID ok?   (is  "my.jabber.server" the address of the irc
> component inside your server?).

It's not, but it's been anonymized because it's a private server.

> For your logs seems ejabberd didn't find a component at that address,
> and is trying to deliver the message to user "chatchat"  at server
> "my.jabber.server",  that user didn't exist, and so the message is
> bounced with the error condition you see.
> hope that helps

Maybe it will once I provide some more info. That JID does exist. It's a
MUC that several users are on at the time. The failures are
intermittent--sometimes I can send messages, sometimes I can't. When I
can't, I get the 503 error message detailed in the log I provided. These
users are external to the server, e.g. from a jabber.org or gtalk

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