[ejabberd] Question about presence hooks

Kirk Bateman kirk.bateman at gmail.com
Tue Jul 24 01:02:49 MSK 2012


You could just send an iq or message to a component when the user clicks
logout, that way you don't need to worry about connections getting dropped
from things like poor mobile signal (the dreaded connection bouncing).


Kirk Bateman
On 23 Jul 2012 21:29, "Aaron" <aarond at cmu.edu> wrote:

> In ejabberd, is there some kind of hook for when a user logs out rather
> than when a user goes offline due to lost connection or for some other
> reason? The context is, I'm trying to impliment push notifications for
> iPhone, and the user can either be disconnected because the app is running
> in the background or disconnected because the user pressed "log out" in our
> app. I want these to be different things, and handled differently.
> Thanks,
> Aaron
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