[ejabberd] Change jabber users Presence externally from another application

duane.larson at gmail.com duane.larson at gmail.com
Thu Jul 26 07:51:02 MSK 2012

I was wondering if there is any feature with ejabberd where a users  
presence can be updated by some external means. What I am getting at is the  
following scenario

A company uses ejabberd for IM and Presence. They use SIP for VoIP. I would  
like the presence of my clients to also show when a user is "On the Phone".  
It seems like this would be something pretty simple to do with an added  
feature but I am not a XMPP expert so I am not sure if this is really more  
complicated then I think it might be.

So is there any way to update a users Presence to so that he is being  
called on the phone or is actually on a call? Any XMLRPC, MI commands or  
ejabberd commands that could accomplish this?????
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