[ejabberd] Change jabber users Presence externally from another application

Gavin Henry ghenry at surevoip.co.uk
Thu Jul 26 11:04:09 MSK 2012

> I was wondering if there is any feature with ejabberd where a users presence
> can be updated by some external means. What I am getting at is the following
> scenario
> A company uses ejabberd for IM and Presence. They use SIP for VoIP. I would
> like the presence of my clients to also show when a user is "On the Phone".
> It seems like this would be something pretty simple to do with an added
> feature but I am not a XMPP expert so I am not sure if this is really more
> complicated then I think it might be.
> So is there any way to update a users Presence to so that he is being called
> on the phone or is actually on a call? Any XMLRPC, MI commands or ejabberd
> commands that could accomplish this?????

Hi Duane,

Is the requirement to be part of the SIP software? Do you use
Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, OpenSIPS
or something else? Or do you mean by not using a XMPP language
library, i.e. via some RESTful
style API? Is this mutli-domain or one domain?


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