[ejabberd] Users can join a password protected room + another question

Bzzz lazyvirus at gmx.com
Fri Jun 1 22:58:07 MSK 2012

Debian sid
ejabberd 2.1.10-2
pidgin 2.10.4-1.1 on sid (package)
pidgin from 2.10.4 tarball (on squeeze)

Hi list,

I've got a setup as:

{access, muc_admin, [{allow, all}]}.  %% Anybody can create (FUGITIVE) rooms
{access, muc_admin_persistent, [{allow, admin}]}. %% BUT ONLY admins can create PERSISTENT rooms
{access, muc_access, [{allow, all}]}.  %% All users are allowed to use MUC service
    {mod_muc,  [
        {host, "conference. at HOST@"},
        {access, muc_access},           %% Who's able to access rooms?
        {access_create, muc_admin},     %% Who's able to create rooms?
        {access_persistent, muc_admin_persistent},  %% Only admins can create persistent rooms
        {access_admin, muc_admin},      %% Only admins can administer rooms
        {max_room_name, 60},            %% Max 60 chars for room names
        {max_room_description, 250},    %% Max 250 chars for room descriptions
        {history_size, 10},             %% Send the last 10 msgs to new comers
        {max_users, 500},               %% Max Nb of users per room
        {default_room_options, [        %% Default options for new rooms
            {allow_change_subj, false}, %% Only the creator can change the room subject
            {allow_query_users, false}, %% ? (can't see ≠ from true)
            {allow_private_messages, true},  %% Allow each user to privately contact another one
            {members_by_default, false},     %% ?
            {title, "Nouveau salon de discussion"},  %% Default room title
            {anonymous, false}          %% Forbid access to anonymous users

* The part: admin only can create persistent rooms is alright,

* Users can create fugitive rooms, but if the user protect he's room
  w/ a password, any other user can connect without entering this 
  password!? (my test users are, of course, not admins).

  Room was created by pidgin and details edited w/ only:
	- room title
	- description
	- protect room w/ p/w (+filling p/w)
	- the only other setup that is checked is: 
		allow users to send presence msg

  Remark: as pidgin isn't clear between fast and detailed access, both 
	  have been filled w/ the same information (room name & p/w).

So, my 1st question is: where am I wrong with users's rooms password
access not working?

My 2nd question is: where can I found a correspondance list between
pidgin room detailed options and ejabberd primitives, in order to 
have the room details pre-filled as I want (thus people won't have
to edit details)?

Please do not look directly into laser with remaining eye.

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