[ejabberd] Migration from Prosody to ejabberd

Andreas Pfohl ejabberd at 0x89.de
Tue Jun 26 20:08:54 MSK 2012


i want to migrate a Prosody jabber server to Ejabberd. Because there is no tool to automatically do this job, i tried to make it by hand.

I exported the Mnesia database as a dump to a text file and inserted my server- and rosterinformations manually. After a restart, my Ejabberd works fine. My migrated server appears and i can log into it.

But i have one big problem. I can send messages from my migrated server to other jabber servers out there. But every message send to my ejabberd gets lost. Also the online state will not be transmitted. I tried to clean up the Mensia database and deleted all the stuff i don't need anymore. But nothing helps.

Can anyone help me?

greetings Tennel

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