[ejabberd] ACL setup question

Christopher Bodenstein christopher.bodenstein at mail.noc.be.easynet.net
Tue Mar 20 18:57:06 MSK 2012

Hello Shaun (& others :)

On Mon, Mar 19, 2012 at 10:44:27AM -0600, Shaun Kruger wrote:
>  exception error: bad argument
>      in operator  ++/2
>         called as error ++ "@jabtest.easynet.global"
> In this instance the badarg error is an erlang level error, not an
> ejabberd level error.  It is doing a list append operation and it is
> possible that the list that is being appended to is not a list type.
> Check your access control lists and make sure that where you are
> supposed to have a username you have a string username and not an atom
> username.
> If I recall this is the format of a username ACL entry:
> {acl, NameAtom, {user, UsernameString, DomainString}}.
> If you have {user, usernameatom, "domain.com"} then that may cause a
> badarg error when trying to append everything together.  Also
> remember, that single quotes force something to be an atom literal and
> double quotes force something to be a string literal.

Hmm... Looking at the error, I don't see why it's trying to use
"@jabtest.easynet.global" since I've configured the virtual host to be
"jabber.easynet.global" (which is how I authenticate on the web front-end).

The acl I have is

{acl, admin, {user, "c.bodenstein", "jabber.easynet.global"}}.

I just tried changing it for a user only (thus trying to avoid the domain

{acl, admin, {user, "c.bodenstein"}}.

But I still get the same error... Weird...

> I could be way off, but this is my first theory.

Thanks for your help anyway. :)

The only (major) difference I have between my working test server and
this one is that the working one authenticates against an OpenLDAP
while this one uses Active Directory as backend.

Could this have an influence on the ACL page? 

> Shaun

Best regards,


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