[ejabberd] Can I create chat room on the server instead of client

Coiby Xu coiby.xu at gmail.com
Fri May 4 12:10:13 MSK 2012

Hi Shaun,

Thanks for your reply!

I'm working on FusionForge(an open source project management system) and
want to integrate ejabberd with it. My purpose is that I can create a chat
room for each project and the members of the project can be added
automatically to the room too.

A week, I modify a perl script  which use ejabberdctl to synchronize
Fusionforge groups with ejabberd shared rosters and provide such functions:
1. create users, update password of existing users, delete non-existing
2. create new rosters, fill them with new users, delete users deleted
from Fusionforge

I find roster is just not enough which only add project members to the
buddy list. So I wonder if I can create room from each project.

Thanks for your python script! It makes me easier to achieve my object. May
I ask can I set the owner of the chatting room and invite other people to
the room(it can be done from the client you know)?

Thanks for recommending mod_multicast! I read the README file but I don't
understand why it's actually doing.

2012/5/3 Shaun Kruger <shaun.kruger at gmail.com>

> I know this isn't exactly creating a chat room on the server (without
> a client), but I wrote a blog post last week about using MUCs in a way
> that required a room to be created and made persistent before anyone
> started using it.  I wrote a python script that attaches to a server,
> creates a room, and sets the room's options before logging out.
> Take a look at it and see if it would be useful to what you're trying to
> do:
> https://github.com/chatmongers/chatmongers-web-demos/blob/master/muc_event_subscription/mucsetup.py
> It is written in python and requires sleekxmpp.
> As for adding users to the chat room on the server side I'm just not
> sure that's going to work out really well because I don't know what
> clients will do when they suddenly start getting muc messages without
> ever realizing they joined a muc.  What are you trying to do?  Have
> you looked at mod_multicast?
> Shaun Kruger
> On Thu, May 3, 2012 at 4:28 AM, Coiby Xu <coiby.xu at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > How can I create chat room on the server instead of client and add users
> to
> > the chatroom? ejabberdctl doesn't seem to have a command to create
> chatroom.
> >
> > Thanks!
> >
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