[ejabberd] Ejabberd and MySQL

Henrique Santos Fernandes sf.rique at gmail.com
Fri May 25 20:39:55 MSK 2012

Hello folks, i just start to use ejabberd with mysql.

As i enable mod_roster_odbc i am not able to add user via comand line

ejabberdctl add-rosteritem it does not add user on mysql?

Another question, if i manipulate the data on tha tables. The contact on
the user list apears automatic? I did a litlle test and it not worked.

Do i need to do anything else besides add data to the tables?


I alredy anable mod_offline to store data on mysql. But i dont see the
table there... how can i be sure that this data is using mysql?

I want to move to mysql for performance and backup.

To recover a backup i would just need to backup the mysql and configure
jabber to look at this mysql right?

I enable those drivers

   - Change mod_last to mod_last_odbc to store the last seen date in MySQL.
   - Change mod_offline to mod_offline_odbc to store offline messages in
   - Change mod_roster to mod_roster_odbc to store contact lists in MySQL.
   - Change mod_private to mod_private_odbc to store user private XML
   storage in MySQL.
   - Change mod_privacy to mod_privacy_odbc to store user privacy lists in
   - Change mod_pubsub to mod_pubsub_odbc to store PubSub nodes, items and
   subscriptions in MySQL.
   - Change mod_vcard to mod_vcard_odbc to store user description in MySQL.

As described here:


Is there any other thing to use mysql?


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