[ejabberd] backup, restore and presence

Kris Matthews krism at evilpen.net
Sat May 26 00:46:40 MSK 2012

I am able to setup an ejabberd server and communicate with google talk 
users without issue. However, when I backup and restore to a new server, 
google talk users do not have authorization to see me - they have to 
either rerequest authorization (using pidgin) or remove and re-add me to 
their lists in order to be able to see me online.

I backup using
# ejabberdctl backup foobar.bak

and restore using
# ejabberdctl restore foobar.bak

It seems like all data is backed up and restored successfully - I do not 
have to recreate my users or roster or anything, just that other people 
cannot see me online when I do this.

I know I am doing something wrong, or misunderstanding how presence 
notification works. Can anyone clarify?


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