[ejabberd] mod_muc_odbc Service Unavailable

Michael Amundson michael at echobit.com
Thu Nov 15 10:29:14 MSK 2012

Thanks for the quick reply!

I had just figured out it was an escaping issue with the output of 
ejd2odbc. erlang.log revealed that mod_muc_odbc was failing when 
ejabberd was booting, hence the 503s.

Regarding the escaping issue: the opts column's values aren't escaped 
properly for Postgres, or not for Postgres 9.2 at any rate. I did a 
quick regex to treat the values in the ejd2odbc output as escaped 
literals by appending an E in front of the opts value and ejabberd 
properly loaded mod_muc_odbc at boot. I noticed a few other 
conversations / bug reports relating to escaping and Postgres--none of 
them seemed to be related to the output of ejd2odbc however.


> Evgeniy Khramtsov <mailto:xramtsov at gmail.com>
> Thursday, November 15, 2012 12:21 AM
> 1) are there any errors in the erlang.log?
> 2) what is your Postgres version?
> 3) provide the output of the following SQL commands:
> # select * from muc_room limit 1;
> # show standard_conforming_strings;
> 4) provide the output of the following Erlang command (use 
> `ejabberdctl debug`):
>     mod_muc:restore_room("host.com", "conference.host.com", "some_room").
> Michael Amundson <mailto:michael at echobit.com>
> Wednesday, November 14, 2012 11:34 PM
> Hi all,
> I've been looking in to migrating a large ejabberd installation away 
> from mnesia and to ODBC (specifically, Postgres). I used ejd2odbc to 
> dump all the relevant tables and have properly imported them in to 
> Postgres after setting up the initial schema. Upon restarting 
> ejabberd, everything seems to work fine driven off of the Postgres 
> database, but the MUC module reports Service Unavailable for all 
> attempted operations. It was working fine with mnesia, so I'm inclined 
> to think I've messed something up when migrating, but I'm at a loss as 
> to what. Nothing looks out of the ordinary in ejabberd's log.
> Any ideas?
> Regards,
> Michael
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