[ejabberd] Understanding Plugins for pubsub Node creation

andy nes andynes83 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 27 10:06:57 MSK 2012

I am trying to create Nodes for the pubsub functionality in my ejabberd
To meet the logic, I need to create a collection node, which in turn
contains more collection nodes and leaf nodes under it.
I understand that I need to change the config file to include plugins which
enable me to do the required tasks.
This is where I am lost. I want to understand what the different plugins
are for? Whats the difference between a 'flat' plugin and a DAG plugin?
I tried to search forums and mailing lists for a basic understanding of the
plugins, but in vain.
Can someone point me to resources which can help me understanding these or
if there are none, can you explain them in a simple way.

thank you,
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